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Exhibiting once again at the Event Production Show, leading nationwide crewing company Pinnacle Crew (stand no: 342) are using the event to highlight the need for client companies to develop relationships with suppliers and provide briefs at the earliest possible opportunity in 2012.

Heath Freeman, Pinnacle’s managing director, predicts that with the usual packed calendar of events plus The Diamond Jubilee, London 2012 and Farnborough Air Show, demand for event “savvy” crew will increase by 60 to 70 per cent.

He explains:

“Under normal circumstances, most companies have quiet periods during a year, but we believe that this year there will be very few lulls because the packed calendar will mean that some regular events will be moved to quieter periods to be accommodated.”

Pinnacle already has a staff of 250 on its books, but has been actively gearing up to fulfil the extra demand in 2012.  As well as recruiting the correct candidates and providing them with the correct training them – including the various health and safety accreditations required by the Olympics – this means giving them the all-important experience that they will need to perform a good job.

As Heath Freeman says:

“The eyes of the world will be on Britain this year and scrutinising what we do.  It’s therefore more important than ever to have the correct crew working on an event – and that means client companies should be doing research now to ensure that they will be working with a reputable crewing company.  Crew are one of the most important resources in the events industry, and the appointment of a crewing supplier cannot be left to chance.”



Freeman also believes that the additional demand for manpower this year will offer outstanding opportunities for people wanting to enter the events industry.  His advice is that starting at grass roots level mean that new entrants get the most rounded on-the-job training available.  In particular, beginning a career with a crewing company provides experience in hundreds if not thousands of events and approaches.

“Working for a crewing company like Pinnacle can often be regarded as an apprenticeship in the events industry,” says Freeman.  “Entrants will get a taste of a huge number of events and disciplines, and meet many of the top professionals which can created future opportunities.”

He does add a word of warning, however:

“My advice to anyone thinking of joining a crewing company is to join a quality and reputable operation as this will provide the best chances of working on high profile jobs with professional people, and most importantly the best and most rigorous training.”

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