Yes, we offer a 2hr & 3hr call within a certain radius from the centre of any city where we have operations. When inquiring about a job with our crew co-ordinators simply ask if your location falls with in the radius.

No we don’t see why you should pay for hours that we have not worked, we will only charge you for the hours our crew have worked.

We do charge a Crew Chief Supplement but only if the crew consists of 4 or more. All our supplements are a once off charge, irrespective of how many hours.

Simply fill in a new client registration form on this web site, and we will allocate your company a credit limit based on your credit history.

Yes, all our crew wear a Pinnacle “show blacks” uniform. They are all equipped with wet and cold weather gear, steel capped boots, High Vis waist coats and Hard Hats. Please be aware all our clothing is Pinnacle branded.

We have fully operational offices in London, Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds.

Yes, we run a large fleet of 9 seated people carriers.

No problem, simply request a “+” call when liaising with our crew co-ordinators. This will ensure that your crew will be available to remain onsite for at least 1 extra hour if you require them.