The creation of a Live Event involves a vast array of contractors, subcontractors and self employed individuals performing a variety of skills, often at the same time, in the same place and usually within a very tight timeframe. The range of contractors on site at any one time can include stage construction, rigging, lighting, sound, video and security. In such an environment it is essential that all parties have at least a basic awareness of the hazards that they may create or encounter. ‘The Health & Safety at Work Act’ requires all contractors and companies to have fully undertaken adequate training in their working practices and environments with regards to H&S. This area has until recently not received the desired attention that it requires, initially this was due to awareness, more recently it can be contributed to a lack of training programs and providers.

Enter the Safety Passport course.

Recently the industry’s trade association embarked on a search for an industry standard safety induction for all individuals that spend time on site; a course that would increase awareness of how safety is managed on site as well as common hazards and how to avoid them. The SPA Passport scheme fitted the bill perfectly.

Safety Pass AllianceThe course content was developed in consultation with entertainment industry safety specialists and employers to create a real industry standard; consolidating existing courses and initiatives. Unlike most Safety Passport courses, both core and sector qualifications can be achieved in one day The Passport is designed to be used by clients seeking assurance on levels of contractor health and safety awareness. The Passport program offers basic, practical health and safety training supplemented with safety training tailored to the Live Events sector.

Successful trainees are issued with a robust Passport photo card which is tamper-proof, secure and easy to verify. The nationally-recognized scheme reflects HSE guidance and is supported by numerous work sectors.

Pinnacle has a long history of championing this area of training and has trained more than a thousand crew in these principles over the last 8 years. We are particularly pleased and proud to be involved in a nationally recognized industry specific Health and Safety course which we believe will be of huge benefit to our industry.

Pinnacle is a fully accredited Training Provider of The Safety Passport Scheme; we can offer both individual and company training programs to suit your specific needs.

For more information regarding dates, content and cost of courses please contact our Health and Safety manager, Mark Sly or call us on 0870 609 1993.